Quality Management System

Our products play a decisive role in the production processes of large-scale industrial manufacturing. A failure of only one single unit may cause a standstill of the entire production line. We have introduced a corporate quality management system aiming to supply products of 100% quality to fulfil this responsibility.


Quality standards are determined in the early design phase by mainly resorting to approved standards. Besides, every new product is subjected to long-term tests with a minimum of 3 million load cycles at our test laboratory under operating conditions.

Internal Check supplementing
TÜV Certification

Next to a systematic incoming goods inspection, the self-inspection by the operators plays a decisive role. Every assembler has an individual inspection stamp which they use to mark the final product after completion of the assembly and inspection. Quality defects can thus be traced back to the work place. Furthermore, all products undergo an additional final check, evidenced by the date stamp on every delivered product.

The quality management system of Tünkers Maschinenbau GmbH pertaining to DIN ISO 9001 has been certified since 1996. In order to accommodate the increased requirements of the automotive industry, a changeover to the certification in compliance with VDA 6.4 of the German Association of the Automotive Industry followed in 2007, which includes QS 9000 and ISO 9001 as the new quality standard.

KUKA Supplier Award

We are particularly proud of the Supplier Award of our key account KUKA Systems Augsburg, which was awarded to us for our performance in the 2008 business year.