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9 Modules of Automation

Our service spectrum is described by the terms automation around industrial robots and automated plant technology. Our modular design system for automation or handling technology consist of 9 modules offering the appropriate product variety:

  • Clamps and clamp technology: Knee-lever clamps, mini clamps, compact clamps, standard clamps, electric clamps, manual clamps, underbody clamps, swivel clamps, pneumatic grippers, parallel grippers, retractable locating pins, universal clamps, welding clamps, power clamps, double arm clamps, heavy-duty clamps, lever clamps, automatic clamps, cylinders, clamps, grippers, vario clamps, underfloor clamps, linear unit, swivel unit
  • Positioning  Swivel units, hydro swivel units, electric swivel units, electric globoidal swivels, pneumatic swivel units, skids, linear cylinders, multi-force cylinders, shot pin units, rotary units, rotary index units, lift units
  • Grippers and gripper technology: Robot grippers, gripper systems, gripper arms, Euro-Gripper-Tooling (EGT), circular tube gripper, carbon gripper, one screw system, geo-gripper, gripper profiles, modular gripper system, modular gripper design system, grippers, gripper technology, robots, modular, modular design system, modular griper design system, gripper station, gripper systems, EOAT, End of Arm Tooling, Euro Gripper, EGT, TÜNKERS circular tube, TRR, TÜNKERS carbon gripper, TCR, Stingray, carbon fibre, carbon console, TÜNKERS One Screw, TOS, geometry, process, handling, gripper profile, gripper profiles, octagonal profile, octagonal profiles, octagonal, 3D printing, flexible gripper, flexible grippers, linear unit, linear units, electric gripper system, electric gripper, robot console, TREC, acceleration sensor
  • Forming and forming technology: Punching technology, marking technology, joining technology, bending technology, clinching, C-frame systems, knee-lever clamps, automatic marking head, embossing clamp, joining station, knob stamping, servo-electric cylinder, multi-force cylinder, HydroAir cylinder, forming clamp, suspension strut punch clamp, flanging, punching unit, punching, piercing, clinching, master hole piercing, suspension strut punching unit, suspension strut punching clamp, Form & Pierce, Form and Pierce, embossing, component marking
  • Welding and welding technology: robot welding guns, manual welding guns, spot welding guns, c-modules, robot cells, Rotary table systems, Linear transfer systems, welding clamps, Welding gun test benches
  • Dose-measuring technology and gluing technology Dose-measuring unit, application heads, dose-measuring unit, dose-measuring heads, barrel pump stand, barrel changing system, disc bonding system, Swirl Fix System, gluing clamp, gluing unit, application head, dose-measuring system, dose measuring head, dose measuring heads, disc bonding, Swirl, e-Swirl, pneumatic Swirl, stich seam, grease application, sealing, 2K dose-measuring, 2-components dose-measuring, flat stream, outlet valve, inlet valve, double-barrel pump, single-barrel pump, pump stand, electric pump stand, Siemens TIA Portal, Siemens ET200SP, Siemens S7-1500, seam monitoring, dose-measuring station
  • Rotary tables and indexing: Cam-driven rotary tables, rotary tables with fixed indexing, rotary indexing tables, heavy-duty rotary tables, TS-indexing drum tables, rotary tables, flat ring rotary table, globoidal drive, lifting rotary unit, heavy-duty rotary tables, simplex rotary tables, trunnion drives, turning tables, compact rotary tables
  • Conveying systems and conveying technology: Accumulating conveyors, pallet accumulating conveyor, pallet belt conveyor, FLS belt, AFS belt, indexing conveyor, indexing chain conveyor, vertical chain conveyor, transfer system, belt conveyor, heavy-duty conveyor, heavy-duty roller conveyor, rotary container system, container changing system, LCA component drawer, handle columns, conveying systems, dragon khan, distribution system, twin conveyor, DKN conveyor system
  • Transporting and autonomous transporting: Lift powered roller bed, lift shuttle, roller conveyor lift, monorail-shuttle, lifting rotary unit, skid conveyor systems, level lifter, 7th axis robot, pallet tool changing systems, roller conveyor lift, ground clamping technology, driverless transport systems (FTS), Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), logistics robot

In addition to production process automation we are engaged in electric vehicles (wheelchairs with seat lift, e-scooters for trolley management and electric three wheel scooters), paper technology (gluing machines, laminating machines, packaging systems) and pile-driving and extracting technology (electric vibration drivers, hydraulic vibration drivers, shock absorbers).

As a German family business in second generation we have developed from a mechanical engineering company into an internationally operating provider of automation technology for series production.

With our 1,100 employees world-wide we share enthusiasm for technology and constantly struggle for the better, more innovative solution. This is why our products are no commodities but “home-grown products” invented, designed, manufactured and distributed by ourselves – always in a close dialogue with our customers, OEMs, installation manufacturers and engineering offices.

Even though the complexity of these plants is continuously increasing, the cores of the automation lines are always based on the same functions: clamping, machining and transportation.

It is our goal to provide you with an industry-standard modular design system for the most frequently used functions for the field of robotics, composed of robust and maintenance-free components, designed for the extreme operating conditions of large-scale production in the automotive and supply industry – with turn-key components already equipped with drive, gear, process control and adequate interfaces and therefore they represent a function such as clamping and conveying completely.

Experience Success in Series.

Tuenkers Automation Products set the standard. When looking for a partner who can offer innovative and efficient single-operation or entire system solutions for your production parts, Tuenkers is your choice! And if you value speed, flexibility, innovative concepts based on years of experience and personal engagement, then Tuenkers, a true family business, will convince you.

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