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Pin retractor with Vario stroke│ Electric swivelling compact│ TOS Gripper in a Twin Pack │ 7th axis for the robot

Applying the Vario principle to the pin retractor. Flexible adjustment of the desired cylinder stroke on site.


Review of Symposium 2018 "Hardware Cloud"

With more than 380 participants, the TÜNKERS symposium "Hardware Cloud" in May 2018 in Ratingen attracted great interest. Recreate your impressions via the virtual tour in 3D on the "exhibition grounds" with your computer or smartphone.


Picture book of forming technology │ “Gripper out of the box“ │ W Coating to protect against weld spatter│ EXPERT EDC – double performance…

Picture book of forming technology

The present “picture book” gives you an overview of typical applications we have implemented in the past few years. Maybe you will also find inspiration for your current application.
Adding holes and recesses or trimming are among our specialties in forming technology.


Stamping technology for component labelling | Vibration analysis of robotic gripper systems | Complete range of U-series clamps | EXPERT-TÜNKERS New Homepage

Stamping technology for component labelling

Professional stamping technology makes it possible to add not only figures, numbers or symbols, but also beads and knobs to sheet metal components  so that they remain visible even after the painting process.

TÜNKERS offers a broad range of toggle units and C-brackets starting from the smallest clamp in the series.


Family of accumulating conveyors is growing│ Precision rotary table TGC 1200│ U-clamp replaces V-clamp │ Electric mini clamp

Our proven family of AFS accumulating conveyors, one of the leading suppliers of pallet accumulating conveyors, has recently been expanded. New system solutions provide for increased flexibility by allowing to convey around the corner, integrating bend elements and lifts and overcoming gradients. One special highlight is the accumulating conveyor without pressurized air featuring electric actuators and stopping points. The patented pallet coupling is another option which not only reduces the number of stopping points, but also the power required – contributing to energy efficiency in conveyor technology where motors often run permanently -  day and night.


We congratulate TUNKERS Inc. on its 20th anniversary!

We congratulate TUNKERS Inc. on its 20th anniversary!


Skid AGV│ Rivet tacking with EXPERT “grill station“│ Automatic barrel changing system│ Maintenance-free servo clinching device

Skid AGVs replace stationary roller conveyors in truck manufacturing

A plant manufacturing trucks in South America has decided to use skid AGVs instead of stationary roller conveyor belts. The skid AGVs delivered by our partner Sinova accommodate the entire car body and take it to the individual roller conveyor stations as required. The video attached gives a short impression.


Belt instead of chain

The chain is the centrepiece of the AFS accumulating conveyor. This simple and robust drive element has been tried and tested in several thousands of applications of TÜNKERS/APM systems used in body-in-white assembly. And, by the way, most competitors use this technology as well.


Clamp-and-center unit MCP 80

The fact that a large number of variants are produced in a single plant results in an increasing number of tools and fixtures that have to be changed with short set-up times. Robust and at the same time precise clamp-and-center systems are a decisive factor for the availability of these change mechanisms.

Pin clamp with additional pin retracting unit

Pin clamps are a common means to position the entire underbody assembly in the geo-station. For higher precision, these stations include up to eight clamping points to position the individual assemblies. When it comes to lifting the complete assembly, however, this is unfavourable because any warped parts may result in damaging the entire component.
Upcoming Events
We are represented at the following shows / events and look forward to your visit:

Tünkers Symposium 2019

in Ratingen, Germany.
23.05. - 24.05.19

MOTEK 2019

in Stuttgart, Germany.
07.10. - 10.10.19