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FAS 480

The packing system FAS 480 is designed for combination with gluing machines for collapsible boxes. The aim of the systems is to increase the output of the gluing machine by up to 50%.

The FAS 480 raises the imbricated boxes and directs them at a right angle for sidewise transport. The counting impulse set by the machine is maintained. Therefore, it is easy to unload the boxes.

  • Fast amortisation of the machine
  • Small space requirements
  • The machine is available in right and left design

Technical data TÜNKERS sheet laminating machine

Typ FAS 480
Box materials
  • Cartridge
  • E flute
  • B flute
Types of boxes
  • Straight-line boxes
  • 4-corner boxes
  • 6-corner boxes
  • Crash-lock boxes
Box sizes in mm W x L min. 40 x 40
max. 420 x 480
Height of the box flow in mm max. 50
Electric connected load 1kVA
Net weight in kg ca. 600
(Subject to changes.)