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Shock Absorbers

SchwinungsdämperHighly effective shock absorbers / dampers for carrier units for use with vibration drivers, sensitive loads and shock-sensitive goods.


Convincing advantages

  • The shock absorber reduces the highly dynamic alternating forces generated by the pile-driving and extracting equipment.
  • As a result, damage to the excavator or crane used as a carrier unit is prevented.
  • By combining a special heatresistant hollow rubber spring with a simple but effective articulated construction an efficient insulation against vibrations is achieved.
  • Absolute safety, even under heavy-duty conditions, is guaranteed by a double-sides suspension device, special shackles and the self-cantering, not bendable hollow rubber spring.
  • Versatile usability for pile-driving and extracting purposes goes without saying.
  • The shock absorber is also ideally suitable for transport shock-sensitive goods.



Effective mode of action

The vibro-insulating function is taken over by the horizontally arranged and pressurized hollow rubber spring.

With growing tractive force the angles a are reduced, decreasing by that way the pressure stress of the hollow rubber spring proportionally to the tractive force. From the practical perspective it is possible to introduce high tractive forces (high prestressing forces with heavy tractive work) into the pile-driving and extracting equipment without overloading the hollow rubber spring.

Simultaneously with the stretching and retracting work of the hollow rubber spring, a swinging movement of the lateral pressure plates around the upper flexible joints is ensured, due to the geometrically arranged cable lines. Even with maximal
tractive stress, the vertical swinging introduced by the pile-driving and extracting equipment is absorbed and not transmitted into the tractive cable of the carrier unit.

Shock Absorbers


Shock absorber Typ SD 20 SD 30 SD 70 SD 130 SD 185
Max. admissible extracting force kN 120 160 250 500 800
Height mm 1070 1090 1550 2100 2370
Width mm 670 730 840 1060 1170
Weight approx. kg 155 200 325 750 1600