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TÜNKERS Worldwide Automation Technology made in Ratingen

As a German family-owned enterprise in second generation, we have developed from technical engineers into an international supplier of automation technology for serial production.

We share the enthusiasm for technology with our worldwide staff of 500, never failing to strive for the better more innovative solution. This is another reason why our products are not commercial goods but “home-grown products“, invented, constructed, produced and marketed by us – always in a close dialog with our customers, OEMs, plant engineers and engineering offices.


Even though the complexity of these systems is continuously on the rise, the automation lines are consistentland quintessentially based upon the same functions of clamping, processing and transporting. It is our objective to hand you a construction kit suiting industrial needs, for the new standard functions within the robotic environment, made of robust, maintenance-free components, designed for extreme operational conditions of line production in the automotive industry and its components suppliers – with turnkey modules already equipped with drive units, transmission, process monitoring systems and relevant interfaces and thus cover functions such as clamping or conveying as a whole.

This TÜNKERS construction kit renders plant engineering:

  • Faster – Plants can be fashioned faster through the consequent use of turnkey modules; time-consuming customised solutions are rendered obsolete.
  • Safer – Because it is always resorted to the tried and tested basics – the functional components.
  • More flexible – Because standards can be easily recomposed and adjusted to different framework conditions.

Experience Success in Series.

Tuenkers Automation Products set the standard. When looking for a partner who can offer innovative and efficient single-operation or entire system solutions for your production parts, Tuenkers is your choice! And if you value speed, flexibility, innovative concepts based on years of experience and personal engagement, then Tuenkers, a true family business, will convince you.

What can we do for you?

Review of Symposium 2018 "Hardware Cloud"

With more than 380 participants, the TÜNKERS symposium "Hardware Cloud" in May 2018 in Ratingen attracted great interest. Recreate your impressions via the virtual tour in 3D on the "exhibition grounds" with your computer or smartphone.

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in Düsseldorf, Germany

26.09. - 29.09.18

Motek & Bondexpo

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in Hannover, Germany

23.10. - 26.10.18