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Nut Welding Unit | TOS One Screw System | Product Finder Mini Clamps | TÜNKERS C-frame in use | Safety pin SA 40 V

The complete system from TÜNKERS NIMAK.
Medium-frequency converter, multi-force cylinder, pneumatic unit, cooling water system, feeding unit, C-frame - all from a single source.

The gripper profile system for fast assembly
Extension of the modular system with the new TOS 003– Form-closed up to the outrigger.

200 Alternatives sorted with one click
Quick access to all sizes from 10 - 40 mm and variants with direct link to the e shop, product data and 3D file. It couldn't be easier!
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Flexible production of passenger cars/small vans with and without rear windows on one line
Cutting device for the removal of bars in the side panels.

Maximum safety in every extended position
New TÜNKERS safety pin SA 40 V with integrated toggle mechanism for safe positioning even in case of compressed air failure.