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Tünkers Image [PDF 1 MB]
TÜNKERS – The company
Durchsetzfügen [PDF 2,8 MB]
Tool technology for clinching operations in body-in-white
Greifersystem [PDF 6,5 MB]
Modular gripper system for operations in body-in-white
Prägetechnik [PDF 1,5 MB]
Stamping technology for component marking in car body manufacturing
Schweissen statt Spannen [PDF 4 MB]
K and ALPHA series as compact drives for weld clamps
Schweisszangen [PDF 543 KB]
Weld clamps with toggle mechanism
Schwenkeinheiten [PDF 923 KB]
Solutions for swivel operations in body-in-white
Stanzmuttern [PDF 889 KB]
Tool technology for nut piercing operations


Technology Reports

Nr. 25 [PDF 283 KB]
Heavy-duty power clamp
Nr. 24 [PDF 278 KB]
Miniature toggle-joint clamp
Nr. 23 [PDF 111 KB]
Compact gripper APG 40
Nr. 22 [PDF 132 KB]
Swivel unit KS series
Nr. 21 [PDF 101 KB]
Miniature weld clamps WSA 40
Nr. 20 [PDF 102 KB]
Stylus marking unit
Nr. 19 [PDF 572 KB]
Component punching unit
Nr. 18 [PDF 572 KB]
Punching technology for fixture construction
Nr. 17 [PDF 772 KB]
FlyMarker - Manual scribe marking system
Nr. 16 [PDF 719 KB]
ALPHA clamp